Full Cast Gold Crowns Inlays, Onlays

Nothing fits and functions like full cast gold. Whether you need an inlay, full crown, or an onlay, our experienced team can produce the quality restoration you prefer and demand.

Our crown inlays or onlays are available along with complete lab services to fit your specific requirements. Remember to remind your patients of the value gold restorations gives them.

Full Cast Specifications

  • Superior bio-compatibility
  • Plaque resistance
  • Over a century of clinical success
  • Unparalleled strength & durability
  • Longevity
  • Wide range of alloy choices

Argenco Y+. Yellow, Noble
(2% Au, 34.9% Pd, 24.5% Ag, 30% In)
Argenco Y+ is the most economical yellow Crown and bridge alloy on the market. This Noble alloy is suitable for full cast crowns and short span bridges and easily polishes to a high luster. Argenco Y+ brings you all the qualities you enjoy in a yellow alloy at a fraction of the cost.

Argenco HP 77. Yellow, High Noble
(77% Au, 1% Pt, 13% Ag, 8.55% Cu)
Argenco HP 77 is a bio-compatible alloy with no Palladium. Its unique manufacturing process produces a composition that is virtually free of impurities and its rich gold color provides beautiful aesthetics. With 51% elongation, it is kind to opposing dentitions. Promotes natural burnishing.

Argenco 56. Yellow, High Noble
(55.8% Au, 4.11% Pd, 25% Ag, 13.81% Cu)
Argenco 56 is a Yellow High Noble alloy for all crown and bridge restorations. Its gold color provides excellent aesthetics and it polishes to a beautiful high luster. Argenco 56 is strong enough for implant bar construction and perfect for adjustable, removable restorations.

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